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« If the person you are talking to doesn’t appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear »

Winnie the Pooh

Account & Travel Manager

Enthusiastic and passionate about travel, diplomatic and trustworthy, with my understanding of clients and travel knowledge I can contribute to your organisation’s success.

Recommandation de Paul, son consultant

Deborah is one of those people whose very presence calms and reassures – when she is in the office, you just know that things will be all right.

What I appreciate about her is also her proactivity, initiative and positivity. She has her joyful side and then when it comes down to it, she focusses on what needs to be done – and then does it without any fuss.

Deborah’s knowledge of fares and ticketing in the airline business is unparalleled. At GBN, she showed her adaptability in proving her worth at reception by the professional way she dealt with colleagues and visitors and where she showed her natural ability and affinity to work as part of a team.

Mes entreprises précédentes:


British Airways plc.

Mon Parcours


With my expertise, I can help you organise your company’s travel needs and manage your polices and budgets effectively.

I have always been fascinated with travel. The excitement of getting ready for a holiday, getting to the airport, the atmosphere of stepping on to the plane, finding your seat , sitting back , relaxing and arriving at your destination.

Through the love of travel, I joined British Airways as a Reservation and ticketing agent. Here I was put through a thorough training programme, including fares, ticketing, and the use of Amadeus.

Customer service was of upmost importance. In mastering how to address both passengers and travel agents on the phone and in person, diplomacy and being able to deal with many different kinds of people were key. Dealing with the unexpected and finding solutions was part of my everyday routine. For several months, I even had shifts at the airport to have a global overview of airport operations

After many years working in the British Airways agency, I was asked if I would like to join the commercial team. I knew and loved the product so I said yes immediately. A typical day included updating clients on the latest fares, destinations and products; tailoring corporate contracts to suit the client’s needs; and identifying opportunities that could help achieve cost savings.

I really enjoyed working with a mixture of clients over the years – humanitarian organisations, travel agents and corporate clients. I was very proud and enjoyed being a representative for the brand. Hosting varied events was a real pleasure for me, including workshops for travel agents, product promotions and inviting our top clients for dinners. This involved organising and planning the event to welcoming our guests and spending quality time with them.

Building strong, sustainable and trustworthy relationships has always been the hallmark of my career.

I am looking forward to continuing this journey with you.


Mes réussites


  • The 2010 volcanic eruption in Iceland caused disruption to air travel across Western and Northern Europe with 90% of flights cancelled. While still doing my daily job, I volunteered to help contact stranded passengers and use my reservation and ticketing knowledge to reroute them once air travel was permitted. I always adhered to the airline’s commercial policy and my contribution to the team meant our passengers got to where they needed to be as efficiently as possible.


  • A humanitarian account with offices all over the World needed assistance with their ticketing and invoicing. I worked with the client on this and trained the staff in our airline call centre on how to quote humanitarian fares and invoice according to the specific requirements of this client. By centralizing ticket issuing and invoicing, the client had more control and a clearer overview of their spend.


  • We were launching a new product worldwide and our London-based marketing department needed the Geneva team to organise a promotional event. I played an active role in identifying the key travel agents and corporate clients we should invite and then coordinating with London on what their needs were. Having found a venue with enough space to accommodate the mock-up of the new seating and a suitable caterer to stay within budget, we had very positive feedback from our trade partners and clients.

Mes compétences clé

  • Building sustainable international relationships (travel agencies, corporate and humanitarian accounts)
  • Providing excellent Customer service
  • Hosting and organising events up to 100 people
  • Proven expertise in Fares, Ticketing, Rerouting (Amadeus)

Mes formations


  • Advanced fares and ticketing, London, 1985
  • Transport Aeriens Passagers 1 & 2, Geneva, 1985
  • World Class Selling, London, 2006

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English (Mother tongue)

Ma maîtrise des outils informatiques

Sales Force

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