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«Marketing is not a function, it is the whole business seen from the customer’s point of view. »
Peter F. Drucker

Ergit Bedalli

Marketing Communications Professional

Every brand has a story to tell – to engage, inform, surprise, delight but also bring business goals to fruition. I am the conduit between the brand and the client by bringing strategic thinking and tactical implementation to ensure objectives are met and overachieved.

Recommandation de Paul, son consultant


Ergit is a natural at what he does best: building sustainable quality relationships at every level. His feeling for people and ability to not only discern what they need, but then to find a way to communicate this according to his audience has been proven again and again. What I particularly appreciate – and this can be overused, though not in this case – is his can-do attitude, his openness to new ideas and approaches. If Ergit does not have the answers or the technical skills immediately to hand, you can guarantee that he will find them through his own means or by using the relationships he has created. In short, he is a communications professional for whom personal communication and bringing the job to completion are key.

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Mon Parcours

Every brand has a story to tell – to engage, inform, surprise and delight but also bring business goals to fruition. My experience in managing international brands such as Teflon™, Viton™ and Opteon™ started with my own personal interest in sustainability and a question. How could you possibly communicate sustainability to businesses?

In searching for this answer, I entered the world of communications and marketing and found my niche. The enjoyment of sitting down with someone and figuring out how to solve their communications problems is a driving factor for me. This emotion and my abilities to think creatively and strategically have led me to become an expert in marketing communications techniques.

This experience is complemented by my ability to assess comprehensive needs of various key accounts before implementing innovative strategic plans to increase revenue and access new and exciting markets. I am particularly adept at planning and executing tradeshows and technical seminars and developing marketing communications strategies from A to Z to maximise internal and external customer engagement.

With an aptitude for grasping new ideas quickly and enhancing them to provide on-point communication material, I am driven and result oriented. Whether fostering strategic partnerships with internal and external partners or clients and diverse audiences, I have always delivered strong sustainable results – from strategic media relations to pan-European traditional and digital marketing campaigns.

I am a hands-on person who ensures timely execution and production of key deliverables and my working style is highly collaborative, encouraging continuous improvement to create first class performance in a positive working environment.

I am dedicated to bringing brands to life through multi-channel engagement with proven success designing customized marketing plans for each client, creative team and production professional to deliver design solutions propelling brand awareness, social media interaction and employee engagement.

Mes réussites

  • At Chemours, while working on a digital market research plan for Opteon™, a global brand in the automobile market and one of the strategic pillars of the company, I turned a potential failure into a success by identifying early on that the digital space was not the right market to look into for customer perception for this specific brand.  I focused instead on a more traditional approach by building strategic communications plan based on internal know-how. Bolstered by a strong advertisement campaign and partnerships with clients in key markets, the plan exponentially raised brand visibility resulting in increased sales and measurable customer perception.
  • Also at Chemours, I created the marketing communications plans for Opteon™, Teflon™ and Viton™, three very different brands with unique requirements in technical material, exhibitions, digital marketing and advertising in international media.  These were the first plans created after the spinoff from Dupont and therefore critical in affirming the Chemours brand in the market.
  • While working at O-I, I was the communication representative for a company-wide restructuring specifically aimed at revamping manufacturing techniques for all the production plants in EMEA. In this role, I worked extensively with the company’s leadership team, conducting workshops with over 200 leaders and devising the change management strategy whilst creating and implementing comprehensive communication plans for 35 manufacturing plants.

Mes compétences clé

  • Marketing Communications planning and branding
  • Project management for events incorporating strategic advertising activities in alignment with KPIs
  • Digital Planning including SEO best practice initiatives
  • PR relationships with mass Media partners
  • Market Research and analysis

Mes formations


  • Master in Business Administration, Sustainability Management School, Gland, Switzerland, 2014 – 2016
  • Bachelors of Arts in Architecture, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK, 2009 – 2014

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