Ma devise :

«When life gives you lemon, make lemonade.»

Investment Professional

I strongly believe that my seriousness, reliability, dynamism and flexibility combined with strong technical skills will allow me to take on a new challenge and excel within your company.

Recommandation d’Isabelle, sa consultante

Mme Picard est une analyste dotée d’un excellent relationnel. C’est une personne appliquée, posée qui s’investit pleinement dans tout ce qu’elle entreprend. Son énorme potentiel et ses connaissances approfondies de la finance feront le bonheur d’une banque ou d’un Family office.

Mes entreprises précédentes:

Union Bancaire Privée

Natixis Investment Manager

Natixis Asset Management

NN Investment Partners

Mon Parcours


I have over 5 years of experience in the asset management industry, working as a portfolio manager assistant, sales support and RFP specialist in Paris and in Geneva. Curious, motivated and flexible, I am also an enthusiastic team player.

 After a Master’s Degree in Finance, I worked as an Analyst and Portfolio Manager Assistant in two different teams within Natixis Asset Management in Paris. Through these various experiences in Investment teams, I acquired strong analytical and synthesis skills while developing an excellent knowledge of the investment products.

Following these experiences, I was offered a position within Natixis in Geneva. As a sales support, I strove to maintain an excellent client servicing. I was able to be multi-task and very flexible, working on different projects and urgent requests at the same time.

After my contract was over, I was recruited by UBP as a Junior RFP Specialist (Request of Proposal). My job was to answer to due diligence documents sent by institutional clients. This meant collaborating with many different teams to gather the necessary information to fill in the documents while keeping a strong eye for detail.

In addition to this, I am a volunteer for the CFA Society Switzerland, helping in organizing networking events. This enables me to enrich my professional network while developing strong social skills.

These diverse experiences gave me a very good understanding of the asset management industry and the investment solutions. Having various experiences in different teams increased my flexibility and ability to adapt. I am also a fast learner and I always try to improve myself, learn new things and set myself new challenges.

I am now looking for a new challenge in a dynamic and stimulating work environment. I also intend to use the skills in financial analysis and portfolio management, acquired during the CFA program.

Mes réussites


  • I managed to pass the 3 levels of the CFA exam on my first attempt while working. I put a lot of effort and energy to succeed. I showed perseverance and organization, which in my opinion was the key to this success.


  • I was recruited 3 times by the same company for different positions. I think this is great achievement because it means they not only like my technical skills and my knowledge but they also trusted me and enjoyed my soft skills, such as my ability to adapt and my strong team spirit.


  • At UBP, I had the opportunity to work a project on three consulting databases. The goal was to fill out as much as possible the databases used by the consultants to recommend investment solutions to their clients. My role was to provide qualitative and quantitative information on our flagship strategies. We went from a fill rate of 65 to 100% in 6 months.

Mes compétences clé

  • Analytical and synthesis skills
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt
  • Curious and fast learner
  • Team player

Mes formations


  • CFA Charterholder, 2017
  • Master’s degree in Finance, Paris, 2013

Ma maîtrise des langues

Français (langue maternelle)

Ma maîtrise des outils informatiques

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