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“When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, others build windmills.”

Chinese proverb

R&D Engineer , Food & Materials Science

Acquiring new skills and being able to solve problems drives my professional life. As an outgoing person with an international career path, I thrive in dynamic, multicultural environments. I am particularly interested in roles at the interface between different departments, where I could be a technical link capitalizing on both my strong multidisciplinary technical background and my interpersonal skills.

Recommandation d’Isabelle, sa consultante

Oswaldo is a great talent, fast, highly driven with exceptional communication skills. His agility and positive attitude allows him to blend into any environment. Result oriented and seeking for challenge,  be sure he will overachieve. I recommend him at 1000%.

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Mon Parcours


It was in Ottawa, Canada, undertaking an English immersion course among other international students, when I first realized my interest for multicultural environments.  Once I completed my undergraduate studies in Chemistry, I joined Nestlé in Mexico as a Quality Assurance Engineer. In a highly dynamic and fast-paced environment, I had the opportunity to lead a team of 15 operational employees in the tasks of reception, analysis, storage and distribution of raw and packaging materials, while learning about the manufacturing process of soluble coffee. This experience allowed me to identify the area where I wanted  to specialize.

After three years, I decided to continue with my education abroad, enrolling an international master program in Food Technology led by Wageningen University in collaboration with three other European Universities. The first year I followed courses in the Netherlands, Ireland, France and Sweden. During the second year, I performed a 9-months industrial master thesis project at Firmenich in Meyrin, Geneva, working on the improvement of flavor encapsulation in spray-dried emulsions.

I continued my educational journey enrolling the doctoral program in Materials Science at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). I worked during 4 years employed by the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) in Neuchâtel.  I consolidated my knowledge in Materials Science, while developping my scientific criteria and thorough approach to solve problems.

I performed a 6-month research stay at the University of Melbourne as a Swiss National Science fellow. After my return to Switzerland I graduated, and I joined Nitto in Lausanne as a Packaging Scientist, to later join the École d’Ingénieurs of Changins as a Scientific Collaborator. I am motivated by the challenges of multinational, cross-functional environments in a matrix organization and therefore I would like to continue my career in industry, ideally in R&D contributing to my team with my strong and balanced multidisciplinary technical background, and my excellent interpersonal skill.

Mes réussites


  • At Nestlé, I was informed about the expansion of the production lines, resulting in a reduction of storage space for packaging materials. The expansion happened in stages, but without interrupting production. As the warehouse manager, I evaluated the impact of this reduction on the stock capacity, particularly for critical materials, those with higher risk of stockout. I made a classification of these materials, defined a new layout for the warehouse, and implemented it. Due to this optimization in inventory space, I was able to maintain the supply and storage capacity, even after a reduction of 30% of the original warehouse space. As a result, the factory could avoid the rent of an external warehouse.


  • A call to propose new food product concepts was launched for Food Science students. I came up with an idea: a high-protein bar made of soy and wheat, and inspired by the traditional Indonesian dish Tempeh. I gathered a group of fellow classmates, invited them to participate as a team, and we planned/distributed the tasks. We were able to produce and present a prototype in front of a multidisciplinary panel of judges, where we were able to demonstrate the impact of such product, particularly for malnourished children in rural Mexico. Also, we were able to demonstrate our integration of different fields such as Microbiology, Cereal Technology, Biotechnology and Food Innovation. We won the third place, and our protein bar was proposed to be included in the subsidized lunch-box that the Mexican government distributes among children in public primary schools.


  • Towards the end of my PhD, I realized the lack of expertise in a critical area to complete my work. I learnt about the possibility to receive funding to perform a part of my PhD in a leading institution abroad, and I discussed with my supervisors the possibility to do it. I sorted out the restrictions regarding my temporary absence from Switzerland, and managed an agreement with my employer to put my contact on hold under the scheme of a sabbatical period. In parallel, I researched the field of interest and narrowed down my options to one world leading institution in Australia. I prepared a research proposal justifying the relevance of my work, and submitted it to the Swiss National Science Foundation. My fellowship was granted, I left to Australia for 6 months. I returned to Switzerland with two novel biosensing schemes implemented, which ultimately resulted in the completion of my thesis and the award of my PhD degree.

Mes compétences clé

  • Formulation
  • Food Technology
  • Project Management
  • Flavor chemistry
  • Scientific writing
  • Innovation Management
  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Training and teaching

Mes formations


  • PhD in Materials Science, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, 2015
  • MSC in Food Technology, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, 2010
  • Bsc in Food Chemistry, National Autonomous University of Mexico, 2006

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English (mother tong)
Spanish (mother tong)

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Pack Office
Data Analysis

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